Little Malabar is a serie of 26 episodes of 4-minutes that invites children aged 3 to 7 to discover the great natural objects that surround us (oceans, mountains, moon, planets, stars, etc.) in order to know them better, to understand them, and to live with them extraordinary adventures!

  A serie produced by TCHACK and sponsored by Pictanovo with the Hauts-de-France Region.
Directed by Patrick Volve and Original design by Nelly Blumenthal
Written by Nelly Blumenthal, Cyril Deydier, Jean Duprat,
Baptiste Grosfilley, Stéphane Levy, Valérie Magis,
Fréderick Maslanka, Patrick Volve.
Put to music by Fred Pallem

Original title of the serie : PETIT MALABAR
English title : LITTLE MALABAR
Audiovisual adaptation of the literary work :
« PETIT MALABAR RACONTE » de Jean Duprat et de Nelly Blumenthal éditée par les Éditions Albin Michel
Genre : série d’animation pour enfants (3 -7 ans)

Number of season : 1
Number of episodes : 26
Running time : 4min
Technique : animation 2D
Format : fichier HD / couleur / 16/9
Country of production : France
Original version : Français
Year of production : 2018
Line Producer : Matthieu Liégeois - TCHACK
1st broadcaster : France 5 Les Zouzous - (september 2018)

International Broadcasting: HOP! (Israel) - Youku (Chine) - RTS (Suisse) - TFO (Canada) - ERR (Estonie)

Director : Patrick VOLVE
Scripwriters: Valérie Magis, Frédérick Maslanka, Jean Duprat, Patrick Volve, Stéphane Levy, Cyril Deydier and Nelly Blumenthal
Scientifics Proofreaders : Sébastien Lebonnois, Vincent Tatischeff, Pascal Philippot, Emmanuel Dartois
Concept design : Nelly Blumenthal
Original music : Fred PALLEM (Editions Bourgès R. ‘’Cat.Aluma‘’ and Train Fantôme)
Recorded and mixed by Frederic Deces
Original song written by Bénédicte Lucas
Singer : Alice Bertram
Storyboard : Édouard Guise, Daniel Klein, Jean Guinot, Maël Le Gall
Picture Editor : Sonia Sokolowski
Backgrounds : Armelle Prunier (Lead Designer), Bastien Dupriez, Hugo Ferrandez, Pierre Pecoraro and Victor Caron
Animation : Hélène Younous (Lead Animator), Rémi Juillet (Lead Animator), Théo Boubounelle, Sophie Dupont, Louis Fromenteau - Théo Gremillet, Antoine Harfouche, Médéric Prevost and Nicolas Rubio
Compositing : Martin Uyttebroeck (Compositing Supervisor), Maxime Hibon, Pierre Grillère, Johar Lamarque
Casting : Marie Bureau (VF)
With the voices of Beatrice Mujdei - Kaycie Teitschied - Matthew Geczy - Davis Gasman

© TCHACK • Pictanovo 2018 • With participation of france•tv
from the albums of Nelly Blumenthal and Jean Duprat © Éditions Albin Michel
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